DKG Group

DKG Group is a diversified international group of companies and initiatives with operations in various sectors. The activities of the Group conducted principally in Balkan and Southeast Mediterranean Countries (Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia,FYROM, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Cyprus, Egypt and Turkey).

Maintaining business success for more than 18 years is not easy. But each of DKG Group's companies has proven its ability to adapt and prosper in ever-evolving needs and deliver long-term growth.

The group's success and its unique business model, based on sustainability, innovation and flexibility,have made DKG one of the biggest consulting, inspection, urban farming, foliage based architecture, intelligent crop supplies and training facilitator bodies, offering specialized sustainable solutions to individuals, professional groups and corporations within the fresh produce and agro supplies trade industry creating value through people, and for people, all driven by a brand-centric philosophy.

The official bussines language of group's people is English.

The Group consists of the following companies and initiatives: DKG Consulting Ltd,, IRTC, IQ Greening Ltd, IQ Crops Ltd, AskMe, DRIKA Farm, The Green Club, Live Cell and participates in TUV HELLAS (TUV NORD) SA Agrisystems Dept.