The Benefits of Hydroponics

• Water conservation Hydroponic growing uses just one-twentieth the amount of water of field grown crops. The plants receive just the right amount of nutrient-rich water through a computer‐controlled drip irrigation system that feeds the water and nutrients directly to plants’ roots. Any un-used water from the plants is recycled, sterilized and reused to ensure quality and safety.

 • Soil & Land conservation 
We exercise soil-free growing practices, by using rockwool substrates, within our clean, sanitary, indoor greenhouse environments, which helps to control diseases. Apart, there is no depletion of soil nutrients and soil erosion.

 • Integrated Pest Management Practices (IPM)
We implement stringent sanitary practices and introduce beneficial insects to maintain a safe, natural, pesticide free environment, to provide you with products that are not only delicious, but are also healthy for your family.

 • Carbon dioxide, heat, ventilation
We have turned science into an art. We use high‐tech computer systems that monitor and control carbon dioxide levels, heat, ventilation and plant nutrition.